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Improving People’s Life

App for Pregnancy to track contractions. With the help of AI, it will tell you exactly when to go to the hospital. We have also added meditations and relaxation music to make pregnant women more comfortable during contractions.

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Hypnobirthing Fit Pregnancy app was developed to help pregnant women have a positive birth experience. By using different relaxation techniques, moms-to-be will learn how to tackle anxiety and fears they may have around birth.

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MindTastik Meditation is an app just like Calm or Headspace but with longer meditations and is more problem-oriented. Using a daily meditation app will improve many areas of your life. The app was used in a clinical trial, which proves its utility of the app.

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We have developed this app to help adults sleep faster and easier. After the daily stress and routine, it is proven that bedtime stories can even help adults to fall asleep. We have also included special meditations to fight insomnia and increase your sleep quality.

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